Dose #101: How Vegan Vitamins Are Changing the World

Maria Cebrian shares her story starting Terraseed

Matt here with your weekly Subscription Prescription 💊

This week’s dose is all about the difficult with starting and building a brand. An interview with Maria Cebrian, founder of Terraseed, reveals some of what is easy, and much of what is difficult, with building a great subscription brand.

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This week I’m sick, so this one will be brief. For better or worse I write these a few days before they get sent. Keeps them fresh and up-to-date.

But today and this weekend being sick means I can’t write as in-depth as I’d like. So instead, I’m going to give you a quick lesson and push you to listen to this week’s interview with Maria Cebrian.

Building a Brand is Hard

You know better than most how hard it is to build a brand. The mistake I see many founders make is not leaning into their story enough. Not tapping into their ‘why.’ That gives you motivation, but it gives you a narrative to help reach more customers.

In this week’s podcast, Maria Cebrian shares why she started Terraseed. What has been difficult. What is working so far. How when she started there were few vegan vitamins, but now there is a lot of competition.

If you don’t believe your brand can change the world, how can you expect others to commit to something as small as a subscription?

Show your why.

But find your customer’s why too.

Find the lever you can use to reach more people because of that why.

That’s a short dose for this week! But please take my advice and listen to this interview.

See you next week.

 - Matt Holman 🩺

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